Brothel and sex-club in Alicante

Maison close à Alicante
D'Angelo Palace Brothel Alicante
D'Angelo Palace

D'Angelo Palace is a high-end sex club located in a residential area o...

Casa Marcela Brothel Alicante
Casa Marcela

Villa Marcela or Casa Marcela, is a beautiful brothel located in a lux...

El Castillo Brothel Alicante
El Castillo

El castillo is an impressionnant sex club located in an industrial are...

Club Pipo's Brothel Alicante
Club Pipo's

The Pipo's Club is a sex club located on the edge of the national road...

Escorts Elite Brothel Alicante
Escorts Elite

Escorts Elite is an escort agency and a brothel located in the center ...

Alicante is the first city in southern Spain where there are sex clubs with a garden with swimming pool, like the German FKK Saunaclubs like Club Pipo's or El Castillo club. The city also has classic brothels downtown as La Casa Marcela. Brothels in Alicante operate partly on a seasonal basis, the summer season attracts many escort girls, while in winter they go to work in larger cities such as Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid.

Alicante region is a very touristic area with many resorts. Some of them host typical spanish sex clubs, with all the comfort you need to enjoy a great night with beautiful escorts, like the D'Angelo Palace.